During my internship at Dixon Schwabl, the first project was to create a brochure with information on my fellow interns to be distributed amongst the staff. It includes our department, the days that we are in the office, and other details.
Each six-week session of interns design their own brochure, and as the sole creative intern, the execution of the project was entirely up to me. I used a booklet design in order to give each person the space to be seen, as opposed to previous designs that used tri-fold pamphlets and listed all of the interns on the same page. I improved on previous designs by using the department icons featured on Dixon Schwabl's website as a way to see at a glance which intern might be useful for a given project, as well as designing a graphic describing which days each intern is in the office.
Production involved, printing, cutting, and binding 100 copies and distributing them, with help from my fellow interns.
Copy written by Sage Daugherty
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